Gifted Grownups: The Mixed Blessing of Extraordinary Potential


From Library Journal

Debunking the myth that intellectually gifted people are either impractical social misfits or perfect specimens, Streznewski, a specialist in gifted education, presents a readable and poignant study of 100 people aged 18 to 90. Her criteria for inclusion were somewhat informal, based on the contemporary notion that intelligence is not merely a matter of high I.Q. However, a detailed set of indicators for giftedness was developed, and the study group included a wide range of individuals, from gifted women to senior citizens and criminals. Streznewski explores their experiences with schools, jobs, and in the social world. Lively personal narratives reveal how they adapt to their oddball status, determinants of their success or failure, and the structure of their high-powered interior lives. The original book is well referenced and contains enough practical advice to qualify as a self-help book for smart people and their families and teachers.


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